Pounding rain, ripping winds, freezing temperatures, and baking sun are some of the brutal elements your roof is constantly exposed to in Indianapolis. This means at some point, your shingles will tear, break, bend, age, and even fall apart. When this happens, it is crucial that you call a professional roofer to fix these issues. Besides, you need to be on the lookout to spot signs of a roof that needs repair, and below are some tips to help.

1. Shingles Are Missing

Shingles weaken over time, and the adhesive holding them in place starts to separate from the bottom, making them fall off during windy days. That said, if you look at your roof and notice some shingles missing, it is time to call a roofer for repair.

The roofer will inspect your roof to determine whether shingles are missing due to improper installation or old age. Whatever the reason, the roofer will conduct much-needed repairs. It is important to work with an experienced roofer because they know which shingles are of good quality and match the colors of the existing ones.

2. Grit Loosens Up and Falls in the Gutter

If you notice grit in the gutter, you may have to call a roofer to inspect your roof and make repairs as needed. The surfaces of asphalt shingles have embedded granules or grit to create a barrier between the shingles and the sun. The barrier that grit creates prevents the sun from baking the shingles and making them deteriorate, curl, or warp.

While it is normal for a bit of grit to fall off, more so when the roof is new, too much of it can be problematic. For this reason, call your roofer as soon as possible before the shingles on your roof start to warp and allow water into your home. When too much grit loosens up, it shows that your shingles are old; thus, you need to install new ones.

3. Water Damage

Most instances of water damage are due to roofs that are in poor condition. The roof might have compromised shingles or is poorly installed. Water damage, on its own, can cause devastating effects, such as allowing pests into your home and encouraging mold to grow on your home’s walls.

Once you have determined that the water damage in your home is due to a leaky roof, the next step is to contact a professional roofer. The roofer will first take a look at the problem to determine which technique to adopt. After that, they will use tools like a pry bar and staple gun to fix the issue.

4. Sudden Increase in Energy Bills

Roofs that are in poor condition may allow warm or cool air to leak through them. This, in turn, may make your HVAC work harder than usual to keep the temperature at desired levels. The result is an increase in energy bills. However, before you rush to replace your HVAC, you may want to check your roof to ensure it is well-sealed.

If this is not the case, call a roofer in Indianapolis to conduct repair and use roof sealants to prevent cool or warm air from passing through. Roof sealants are made of rubber, polyurethane, tape, acrylic, or silicone. Different roof sealants are used in different circumstances; that is why this is a job best left to professionals.

5. Outside Light Is Visible Through the Attic

If you are in your attic during the day and notice a stream of light passing through it, then it is time to talk to your roofer about the situation. Streams of light passing through the attic are signs that you have a leaky roof that may also let in water when it rains.

Nevertheless, you do not want to deal with water damage; therefore, let a professional know about this immediately. The roofer will get to your home and check the roof to identify cracks that are causing the problem. Next, they will seal them using roof sealants. But if the issue is because of curled shingles, your roofer may need to straighten or replace them.

6. Interior Ceilings and Walls Have Stains

Several factors can lead to discoloration on walls or water stains on ceilings, and one of them is a damaged roof. When you call a professional to handle this problem, they will check the underlayment of your roof to determine whether it is allowing moisture into your home.

If this turns out to be the case, the professional will repair the underlayment, and to do this, they will start by cleaning and removing all debris and dirt in the damaged area. The professional will also apply a light primer coat to the damaged area. Discolored walls and ceilings not only compromise the aesthetics of your home but also can lead to structural damage. It is, therefore, important that you have it fixed as soon as possible.

7. Sagging Roof

A structural issue below shingles can lead to a sagging roof. These issues include a broken rafter or severe water damage. A sagging roof can damage the interior décor of your home, not to mention jeopardizing your safety.

Because of this, call a professional immediately if you notice a sagging roof. The roofer will check the beams and other roof structures to determine the level of the damage. Next, they may use a steel “L” channel to reinforce the roof structure and fix the sag. Hiring a professional to fix a sagging roof is highly recommended because they have all the tools needed for a job of this kind. These tools include:

  • Drilling machines
  • Brackets and lag bolts
  • Steel “L” channel
  • Screws and nails
  • Support beams

8. Exterior Paint Is Peeling

Your roof should also help extend the life span of your home’s exterior paint by protecting it from the elements. Therefore, if you notice that the exterior paint of your home is peeling or blistering, a damaged roof may be to blame since it is likely to lead to an increase in humidity levels.

Additionally, when lots of granules end up in the gutter, they may compromise how it functions, making it drip water onto the exterior paint. That said, before you start fixing the exterior paint, call a professional to determine whether your roof is in tip-top condition. If the professional spots an issue with your roof, you may want them to fix it before you move on to the next step, which is restoring the exterior paint.

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Fixing a roof on your own can be dangerous because of hazards, such as wet and slippery roofing surfaces and a low-quality ladder that can give in at any time. Furthermore, you may not have sufficient safety gear to protect you in case of an accident. Because of this, roof repair is a job best left to professional roofers.

At Red Bird Roofing, we have all the relevant tools and safety equipment to do a job that meets expectations. We focus more on quality and excellence; that is why we are the go-to for homeowners in Indianapolis. Furthermore, we offer other services such as roof replacement, installation and coating, storm damage and tarping, and gutter services. We also deal with all roof types, including shingle, slate, metal, and custom. Call Red Bird Roofing today for professional roof repair in Indianapolis.

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